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Buying, Selling, or Improving your Home/Cottage?

The Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR) is specifically intended to illustrate the location of the boundaries of the property and any improvements to the property such as buildings, driveways, tile bed, docks, in relation to those boundaries. The plan illustrates existing setbacks, lot coverage, frontage etc. to enable the determination of compliance with existing Municipal By-laws. In a Real Estate transaction this information enables a prudent purchaser to address these issues prior to closing rather than after. The report also illustrates any easements or rights of way, which may have an impact on any present or future use of the property.

Creating lots from your current property?

Dividing your property can be a confusing process. The creation of a new parcel of land requires an application to, and the consent of, the Municipality. At the application stage a sketch is required to illustrate the intent and, upon approval, a survey known as a Reference Plan which illustrates the newly created parcel, will need to be deposited in the Land Registry Office. We can be of assistance throughout this process.

Has your municipality requested a site plan for an addition or new build?

A site plan is commonly requested by the Municipality, in which the subject property is situated. It may be used to illustrate many different aspects of a building lot before and/or after construction starts. This can consist of potential building locations (setbacks), parking, grading and any other features that are to be considered for approval. It illustrates the existing or proposed development as well as any limitations or constraints placed on the property in relation to Municipal zoning.

Adding a shed, garden or fence and need to ascertain your property lines?

Regardless of the situation, it is always good to know where your lines are on the ground. One of the benefits of rural or cottage property ownership in Central Ontario is that your boundaries are not always evident, which is why many choose to come here. This can be problematic, since parcels of land are frequently of irregular shape and the property lines are often not where they are assumed to be. This assumption can easily lead to disastrous consequences. As in all things in life, KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

Building a New Structure or Adding to an Existing One?

For those getting ready to build, it is important to have your building properly located on the site. There are minimum front, side and rear yard setbacks required by the zoning by-laws of the Municipality. It is critical that these setbacks are complied with, as failure to do so can end up costing in the tens of thousands of dollars. For more information regarding your building setbacks and zoning concerns, contact your respective Municipality via our LINKS page.

Do you or your builder/architect need to know the lay of the land?

Topographic surveys are commonly used to determine the development potential of a property. The plan will show elevations and contours, drainage courses, significant trees and other features that will assist in blending the development with the landscape. Topographic detail is commonly required for the lot grading plans often requested by a Municipality prior to development. This type of survey is frequently requested by architects and builders to assist in the planning process. This information is frequently accompanied by the Surveyors Real Property Report and subsequent construction layout.

Planning a subdivision or condominium development?

From initial concept and draft plans to preliminary layout and final plan registration we can be of assistance. The submission of a Draft Plan of Subdivision or Condominium will require the exterior boundaries of the property to be certified by an Ontario Land Surveyor and upon final approval will require the registration of the Registered Plan. Having us involved from the start makes sense.

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